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  1. Q. What is CM Dashboard?
  1. CM Dashboard portal provides a platform to monitor various key performance indicators of Schemes/ projects/ works of State Departments on nearly real time basis through analytical dashboards.
  2. It acts as a monitoring mechanism and Decision Support System for Chief Minister/ HODs/ Officers of all State Departments on a single click.
  3. These dashboards have functionality to drill down up to Block and Village level, hence, ground reality can be checked through the dashboards.

  1. Q. Can I view dashboards on my Mobile phone/ tablet?
  1. Yes, dashboards can be viewed on PCs, Mobile phones and Tablets.

  1. Q. Where does the dashboard data come from?
  1. The data comes from multiple sources such as APIs, Db, Excel sheets etc. which is updated on daily basis. The data on Dashboard is published and managed by respective Departments.

  1. Q. Can I drill into data on the dashboard to see details?
  1. Yes, you can always access detailed data as well from the dashboard through drill down functionality.

  1. Q. What does the CM dashboard display?
  1. CM Dashboard facilitates presentation of nearly real time data on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of selected schemes/projects to the HODs/ Officers of State Departments and District Administration which can be used for planning,
  2. monitoring and evaluation. It provides a platform to monitor various schemes/ projects on a single dashboard and acts as Decision Support System for State Government.

  1. Q. Is there a preferred browser to view the CM dashboard?
  1. You can view the CM dashboard in most common browsers.

  1. Q. The data is incorrect in the dashboard. How can I get help?
  1. Contact Department Admin of the respective Department.

  1. Q. How often should data be updated?
  1. Data of CM Dashboard is updated based on data availability frequency of specific project/scheme, i.e. Daily, Weekly, Forth Nightly, and Monthly etc.

  Last Updated On:23 Nov, 2020